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13 May 2024

Empowering Facility Managers: Enhance Efficiency Through Streamlined Construction Data

Empowering Facility Managers: Enhance Efficiency Through Streamlined Construction Data

The building industry has focused a lot of attention on improving the hand-off from design to construction.  Far less effort has been spent on the transition from construction to operations.  As building owners near completion of a new facility, they need to assemble the information they will need to operate the building safely and efficiently. 

This transition typically involves uploading data about each facility – assets, locations, drawings, models, etc. – into an FM application (i.e. CMMS, Asset Management) so that data can be linked to maintenance plans and work orders. Converting construction documentation into the data needed to fuel FM applications remains a significant hurdle that can cause costly delays.  

Building owners receive a “turnover package” at the end of construction that often includes thousands of documents.  They need to sift through these documents to find the equipment, location, warranty, and maintenance data that will be uploaded to their FM applications. Owners who use VueOps SiteLine as their FM application, avoid this hurdle because extracting critical FM data is part of our setup process. SiteLine can also generate a CMMS-compatible import file for owners who use SiteLine in conjunction with a CMMS.   

VueOps accelerates the transition to facility operations, improving the productivity of the FM team and makes the building safer and more efficient. Here’s how it works: 

  1. FM Data Requirements and Collection: VueOps clarifies your data needs, ensuring alignment on system categories, asset types, rooms, and more. We collect, validate, and format FM data based on your specific requirements. We also perform a gap analysis to identify incomplete or missing information. 
  2. Data Enhancement: SiteLine converts unstructured construction data into an integrated database that cross-links locations, assets, drawings, models, O&M documents, and more. 
  3. Intelligent Export: SiteLine provides a comprehensive spreadsheet formatted for importing to your CMMS, giving you the high-quality data they need to run your FM operations.  

In summary, VueOps SiteLine enables a smooth transition process, ensuring swift data transfer and alignment between construction and facility management teams. This ultimately boosts operational productivity and enhances maintenance effectiveness for the building's lifecycle.