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01 Jul 2024

Four Unique Challenges for Hotel Facility Management

Four Unique Challenges for Hotel Facility Management

When managing hotel facilities, smooth operation, safety, and proper maintenance are top priorities. All of these contribute to an excellent guest experience but may involve manual steps that impact the efficiency of the facility management team. In the post-pandemic hospitality world, maintenance staff have declined, but guest expectations have not. Here are four ways to ease FM workloads.

  1. 1. One Drawing - Multiple Floors. Because hotel floors are often repetitive - there usually is just a single floorplan that would represent multiple floors. This makes it hard to plan or document maintenance activities that are unique to a particular floor or room. Making a copy of the floor plan for each floor helps facility teams visually map their work and track equipment repairs for specific locations.

    2. Different rooms require different maintenance. Knowing the room type, such as a King or Double Suite, is essential for maintenance teams because the furnishings, equipment and finishes may vary by room type. Making sure your building engineer knows that the refrigerator in the king suite is bigger than the one in a double can save time by ensuring they have the right materials and tools to complete the job the first time.

    3. High traffic means high maintenance. The constant flow of guests in and out of a hotel can produce a high volume of maintenance tasks related to the repair and replacement of room furnishings and finishes. Quick access to lists of commonly replaced items along with their cost can speed up repair and any needed guest charges.

  2. 4. Less Staff, More Efficiency. Many hotels have cut back on staff, requiring facility management teams to operate with fewer resources. Virtual access to all critical facility information means the team can find it wherever they are. This ensures that maintenance staff have everything they need to close out a maintenance ticket in one trip, maximizing productivity and reducing downtime.

Facility Management software applications, like VueOps SiteLine, can help hospitality FM teams quickly access floor plans and drawings that provide a visual representation of equipment, furniture, and systems wherever they are. They can view varied room types, streamline a high volume of maintenance tasks, and maximize reduced resources. All of this leads to a more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective management process, ultimately resulting in consistent, clean, and comfortable experiences for all guests.